Will I Receive Points on my Insurance and License for a Speeding Ticket in Massachusetts?

One of the most common questions clients ask after receiving a speeding ticket in Massachusetts is whether or not they will receive points on their license or points on their insurance if they simply pay the citation. The answer is – yes.

Under Massachusetts Law, a speeding violation is considered a “surchargeable event.” A surchargeable event will go on your driving record and will also be reported to your insurance company. As a result, your insurance company will almost certainly raise your premium payments. Furthermore, if you have received additional violations in the recent past, a speeding ticket may result in a suspension of your driver’s license.

Once an operator sends in payment for the amount assessed on a ticket, it is considered to be an admission of guilt. Therefore, it is important to speak with an experienced Massachusetts Speeding Ticket Attorney about your case prior to paying the ticket in full.

In order to request an appeal, you must closely follow the instructions listed on the back of the citation. You will be required to sign the citation on the appropriate line and mail the ticket, along with the required appeal fee, to the address provided.

At Caselden Law, our Massachusetts Speeding Ticket Appeal Law Firm will work tirelessly in order to put you in the best position possible to avoid a surcharge and increase in insurance payments. Our firm handles all traffic ticket cases on a flat-fee basis. We will fully explain the process and will be by your side at both the clerk magistrate hearing and the Judge Appeal.

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