When going through a divorce in Massachusetts, one of the more complicated and important aspects of the process is property division. At Caselden Law, our Cambridge divorce & family law firm is well versed in the Massachusetts Laws pertaining to property division. We will fully explain your legal rights and will zealously represent your interests in court in order to achieve the best possible outcome.  As a client of our firm, your Boston divorce lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure that your property rights are fully protected and artfully presented to the judge in court.

Our firm will closely examine the property owned by the parties and will provide you with top-quality legal advise regarding the fair and equitable division of your property. Whether you own a home, motor vehicles, a family-owned business, investments, real estate, stocks, bank accounts or other property, our Cambridge divorce law firm has the experience and skill necessary to successfully navigate any situation – no matter how complex your assets or portfolio may be.

Disclosure of Marital Assets

When going through the divorce process in MA, both parties are required to disclose their financial assets to the other party or their attorney.  This financial and asset information is obtained through the discovery process that takes place following the filing of a Complaint and before a pre-trial or trial, if necessary.  In addition to other disclosures, both parties must fill out & file a short form or long form financial statement (depending on your annual income). At Caselden Law, we closely and carefully examine the financial assets and liabilities (such as debt)  of the other party when going through the discovery process.  Your Boston divorce attorney at Caselden Law will first uncover and evaluate all of the marital property of the other party in order to determine the value of the assets that belong to both of the parties involved.  Next, your family law lawyer will guide you through the division process based on your specific wishes and goals.  If negotiations and/or mediation do not result in an agreement between the parties, your divorce lawyer will argue your case to the judge in Family & Probate Court at Trial. Through our client-focused approach, our firm works to achieve outstanding results that are best suited to our clients’ personal situation.

Cambridge Property Division & Divorce Law Firm


If you have filed, or are planning on filing, a Complaint for Divorce in Massachusetts involving the division of marital property or assets, contact our Cambridge Divorce & Family Law Firm to speak with a dedicated and skilled Cambridge divorce lawyer about your situation.  We believe that it is important to speak with your potential attorney before moving forward.  As a result, we offer free initial consultations on all family law cases.  Our firm represents parties in family & probate courts throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and have achieved top results for our clients through effective and efficient legal strategies.

We are available to speak with you about your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our firm is conveniently located at 111 Rice Street in historic Cambridge, Massachusetts and handles cases in Middlesex County and courthouses throughout the Commonwealth.

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