At the Boston Criminal Defense Law Firm of Caselden Law, we aggressively defend those facing probation violation charges in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you are placed on probation in Massachusetts by a judge, you will read and sign a probation contract at the courthouse. This probation contract will list all of the conditions of your probation. Common conditions of probation include drug screens, alcohol screens, payment of fees, AA or NA meetings, treatment programs, community service and reporting regularly to your probation officer. Furthermore, the contract contains a condition that the individual may not be charged with any criminal offenses while on probation. If you do not comply with a condition of probation, you will be brought in front of the judge for a probation violation or surrender hearing. If you are found to be in violation of your probation contract in Massachusetts, you are subject to arrest and a wide range of other penalties. In light of the potential consequences of being found in violation of probation, it is important to speak with an experienced Boston, Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible regarding your case.

Initial Surrender Hearing for a Violation of Probation

In Massachusetts, there are generally 2 hearings held when addressing a violation of probation. First, the court will hold an “initial surrender hearing” followed by a “final surrender hearing” which will be held on a future date. At the initial surrender hearing, a probation officer will outline the alleged probation violation and will determine whether or not there is probable cause that you did in fact violate the terms of your probation contract. In addition, the court may also address the issue of bail and the possibility of being held in jail until the final surrender hearing should the judge determine that the individual poses a threat to society.

Final Surrender Hearing for a Violation of Probation

At the final surrender hearing, a probation officer will introduce any and all evidence that he or she has regarding your violation of probation. This evidence often includes witness testimony, documents and test results. If the judge determines that you did violate your probation, the court will then address the issue of sentencing or punishment.

Massachusetts Probation Violation Attorney

As a client of Caselden Law, you will receive top-quality legal representation during every stage of the probation violation process. We will carefully evaluate all of the evidence being offered by the probation department and will develop a well-crafted legal defense strategy in order to achieve the best outcome possible. Furthermore, we will explore the possibility of negotiating a compromise with the probation officer to present to the court if applicable.

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