Massachusetts Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer

At the Cambridge, MA Firm of Caselden Law, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding criminal defense services to clients facing assault & battery charges in courthouses in Boston and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As a client of our law firm, your Boston assault & battery defense attorney will carefully review the facts surrounding your case in order to develop the most effective legal defense strategy available. In addition to filing motions to suppress evidence and changeling police procedures, your assault and battery defense lawyer will collect any and all evidence being offered against you and will attempt to negotiate with the district attorney’s office for a favorable disposition of your case – if applicable.

Under Massachusetts law, assault and battery (A&B) offenses can be charged by the prosecuting lawyers as either a misdemeanor or felony crime, depending upon the circumstances (including allegations of a dangerous or deadly weapon). Yet even a misdemeanor assault & battery charge carries a potential jail sentence in Massachusetts. In light of the serious penalties associated with this crime, it is important to speak with an experienced Boston assault & battery defense lawyer as soon as possible if you have been arrested or charged with assaulting someone to discuss your constitutional rights and options.

Our Cambridge, MA criminal defense law firm will closely examine the procedures utilized by the police and all other evidence being offered against you and will file motions to exclude evidence whenever there has been a misstep in the procedures. It is very important to have an A&B defense lawyer that will fully explain and explore every legal avenue available in your case.

Your Greater Boston criminal defense lawyer at Caselden Law will work tirelessly to ensure that you are provided outstanding legal services throughout the entire criminal process. From the beginning of your case to trial, your lawyer will zealously represent you and defend your rights.

In general, an individual that is being charged with an assault & battery offense will be arrested and arraigned in a relatively short amount of time. Our Boston A&B defense firm is available on short notice to be with you at your arraignment and will immediately get to work representing you.

In addition to being arrested and arraigned for an assault & battery charge in Massachusetts, it is possible to receive a summons for a criminal clerk magistrate hearing, also known as a probable cause hearing, instructing you to appear at the clerk’s office for a hearing. At this hearing, a clerk magistrate will determine whether or not there is probable cause to issue a criminal complaint for assault & battery. It is important to have an attorney present at this type of hearing as is it possible that the hearing could result in formal criminal charges being issued rather than having the case dismissed prior to arraignment. Our firm will present a carefully crafted defense in order to provide the most effective argument to the clerk magistrate.

Fixed Fee Assault & Battery Criminal Defense Representation

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