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At the Cambridge, MA Family Law Firm of Caselden Law, we understand the difficulties associated with going through a divorce or other family law proceeding in Massachusetts Family and Probate Court. At our firm, we strive to reduce the stress of divorce proceedings by keeping our clients well informed throughout the entire process.  We pride ourselves on providing top quality legal representation to clients in the Boston area and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

When dealing with a Divorce or Family Law issue, it is important to fully understand your rights and options when moving forward with the court case. As a client of our firm, your Boston Divorce & Family Lawyer will aggressively defend your rights and will thoroughly explore every legal avenue available in your case.

Through our client focused approach, we strive to achieve results for our clients while making the process as smooth as possible.

At Caselden Law, we work tirelessly to develop a well-crafted legal strategy that is tailored to the specific circumstances of our clients’ cases. We will closely evaluate every aspect of your family law case so that each decision is made after fully considering every option available.

Our practice offers a wide range of legal services.  We represent clients at courthouses throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including:

  • Suffolk Probate & Family Court
  • Middlesex Probate & Family Court
  • Norfolk Probate & Family Court
  • Plymouth Probate & Family Court
  • Franklin Probate & Family Court
  • Hampden Probate & Family Court
  • Hampshire Probate & Family Court
  • Worcester Probate & Family Court
  • Essex Probate & Family Court
  • Berkshire Probate & Family Court
  • Dukes Probate & Family Court
  • Barnstable Probate & Family Court
  • Nantucket Probate & Family Court
  • Bristol Probate & Family Court

Free Initial Consultations on All Cases

If you are dealing with a legal issue in a Massachusetts Family & Probate Court, contact Caselden Law to speak with a dedicated and skilled family law attorney about your situation.  We offer free initial consultations on all family law cases.

We will work with you to establish your goals and guide you through this difficult and stressful period. Issues such as property division and child custody matters may often seem overwhelming at first. Yet our firm will protect your rights and will provide guidance through superior legal counsel in order to find the best possible solution. Your Cambridge, MA divorce and family attorney will be by your side throughout the entire process and will zealously advocate on your behalf.

Contact our Cambridge Family Law Firm to schedule a free of charge initial consultation.  We are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.[/column]


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