At Caselden Law, we understand the importance of issues that arise pertaining to child visitation and custody. As a client of our firm, your Cambridge child visitation lawyer will work tirelessly to develop a well-crafted legal strategy that is designed to create a fair and equitable agreement outlining visits with your child or children.  Through our law firm’s client-focused approach to our family law practice, we pride ourselves on reaching an agreement that suits the wishes of our clients and is completed based on the best interests of your child or children.  If the parties cannot reach an agreement through negotiation and/or mediation, your Cambridge divorce attorney will zealously advocate on your behalf to the Massachusetts Family & Probate Court judge at Trial or any other preliminary Hearing.

Generally speaking, the non-custodial parent will seek visitation with his or her child.  Visitation is usually negotiated and discussed between the parties or their attorneys.  If both parents can come to an agreement on a visitation schedule either on their own or through counsel, that agreement may then be presented to the judge so that an order may issue.  If, on the other hand, the parties cannot agree on one or more aspects of this visitation schedule, the contested issues may be argued before the judge in order to obtain a ruling. Some of the more commonly contested areas of a schedule include:

  • School Vacations
  • Holidays (Including Religious Holidays)
  • Summer Vacations
  • Out-Of-State Trips
  • Over Night Stays
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Locations
  • Weekend Stays
  • Any Other Contested Issue

Furthermore, it is possible for a parent to raise the issue of supervised visitation or no visitation at all if the situation calls for such a measure.  This arrangement is most commonly used when one parent has been estranged, is dealing with drug or alcohol abuse, has a violent history or any other serious factor raised.

Modifying a Visitation Schedule in Massachusetts

Often times, parents will have a visitation schedule in place through a parenting agreement or order that had been previously ordered following a complaint for divorce or custody action.  As time passes, the original agreement may no longer suit the needs of the parties due to a substantial change in circumstances.  If this situation arises, one or both parties may file a Complaint for Modification with the applicable MA Probate & Family Court seeking a change to the child visitation schedule.

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