Under Massachusetts Law, a driver may be given a traffic ticket, referred to as a civil motor vehicle infraction (CMVI) by the court, for a marked lane violation. If the police issue you a citation for a marked lane change violation, you must request a hearing to appeal the ticket in district court. While this offense may seem like a minor moving violation, the traffic tickets often have unforeseen impacts on individuals such as an increase in insurance premium payments, employment issues, loss of driver’s license or fines and fees. Given the far reaching consequences of even a minor traffic ticket, it is often in your best interests to speak with an experienced Boston Marked Lanes Violation Lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. Our firm is conveniently located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As a client of our firm, your Boston Traffic Ticket Attorney will fully explain the civil motor vehicle citation appeal process and will represent you at your civil clerk magistrate’s hearing and judge appeal if necessary.

Marked Lane Change Violations are governed by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 89 Section 4A. In order to be found responsible for a Marked Lane Violation, the court must find that a driver, while operating upon a way that has been divided into lanes did one of the following:

• Failed to drive a vehicle entirely within a single lane;
• Moved his or her vehicle from the lane in which he or she was driving without having first ensuring that such movement could be made with safety;
• Operated a motorcycle abreast of more than one other motorcycle;
• Failed to operate a motorcycle single file when passing; or
• Passed another motor vehicle other than another motorcycle within the same lane while operating a motorcycle.

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At our Cambridge, Massachusetts Traffic Ticket Law Firm, we carefully analyze the specific circumstances surrounding each traffic citation. We will work closely with you in order to gather as much information and evidence possible prior to your clerk magistrate’s hearing. On the day of the hearing, you will have an experienced Massachusetts Traffic Ticket Lawyer by your side who will carefully present a well-crafted argument to the clerk magistrate. Furthermore, our firm will zealously advocate on your behalf in front of the district court judge should you have to appeal the decision of the magistrate.

We understand and appreciate the enormous impact that a surcharge-able moving violation can have on our clients’ day to day lives.  We are well versed in the law as it pertains to both court hearings and the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and will provide you with top quality legal representation throughout the entire appeal process.

Our Boston Traffic Ticket Law Firm is available to speak with you regarding your Marked Lane Violation or any other MA civil motor vehicle infraction (CMVI) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we represent out of state drivers and those individuals who need to retain our services on very short notice. Contact Our Office today to schedule a free of charge initial consultation with a dedicated Massachusetts Traffic Ticket Attorney.


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