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At Caselden Law, our Boston, MA speeding ticket law firm understands the far reaching consequences of being found responsible for a speeding violation in Massachusetts. Speeding tickets may result in increased insurance premiums, loss of driver’s license, employment issues and large fines. In light of these consequences, it is important to speak with an experienced Boston Speeding Ticket Lawyer in order to protect your rights. As a client of Caselden Law, your Massachusetts speeding ticket lawyer will carefully examine every detail of  the driving citation in order to develop an effective and well-crafted legal defense strategy to be presented to the clerk magistrate and judge.

In order to fight a civil ticket, including a speeding ticket issued under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, you must request a hearing through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and pay a fee. After requesting the hearing, you will receive a letter to appear in front of a clerk magistrate at the applicable courthouse. If the clerk magistrate does not rule in your favor, you may appeal the decision and the case will be heard by the District Court judge.

At the speeding ticket appeal, commonly refereed to as a “judge appeal,” the officer that issued the citation must be present and the hearing will be held in open court in front of a District Court judge. The judge will first turn to the police officer or Massachusetts State Trooper to recite the facts surrounding the case.

Generally speaking, the officer or Massachusetts State Trooper will assess the speed of the vehicle by estimating the speed and recording the speed by one of the following methods:

  • Radar;
  • Lidar; and/or
  • Clocked.

Next, you or your lawyer will have an opportunity to cross-examine the police and present a defense to the judge. The judge may then find you responsible, not-responsible, responsible with a fee reduction or may take the case under advisement and issue a decision by mail.

As a client of Caselden Law, your speeding ticket defense attorney will carefully review the specific circumstances surrounding your speeding ticket in order to construct the most effective defense strategy prior to the clerk magistrate hearing or Judge Appeal.

We have successfully represented individuals who have been cited for speeding at courthouses throughout the Commonwealth. We will thoroughly analyze the citation and will carefully cross-examine the officer in court in order to preserve your driving record. Furthermore, we will meticulously examine the facts of your ticket and will investigate the location where the officer issued the citation in order to tailor the defense argument to your particular situation.

We will stand by your side and will advocate on your behalf at the clerk magistrate hearing and judge appeal, if necessary. Having an attorney that is well versed in Massachusetts license laws and speeding hearings that will provide you with the detailed legal advice necessary to protect your right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts is invaluable. There is no substitution for experience. We will fully explain your rights and options in order to put your mind at ease knowing that your case is in good hands.

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