Driving to Endanger Ticket in Massachusetts

If you received a Driving to Endanger ticket or a summons to appear in court for Driving to Endanger in Massachusetts, it is important to understand your legal rights and to take immediate action.  Driving to Endanger is a criminal offense. On the ticket, the “crim” box will be checked.  It is imperative to speak with a lawyer immediately as Massachusetts Law requires a driver to take action within four (4) days of receiving the citation.

At the Massachusetts Driving to Endanger Defense Firm of Caselden Law, we have successfully represented numerous individuals facing charges of Driving to Endanger in courthouses throughout Massachusetts.  In addition to being by your side during every step of the process, your attorney will ensure that you receive the best outcome possible.  Furthermore, your Driving to Endanger Defense Lawyer will work diligently to protect your criminal record and employment.

Defending Driving to Endanger Charges in Massachusetts

Generally speaking, driver’s learn about their charges of Driving to Endanger in one of the following ways:

  1. Handed Traffic Ticket by Police – Frequently, driver’s will be pulled over by the police and will be handed a ticket listing Driving to Endanger as a Violation with the “crim” box checked off.
  2. Receive a notice or “summons” from the court regarding a Clerk Magistrate Hearing on an Application for a Criminal Complaint or an Arraignment date; or
  3. The driver is arrested by the police.

Regardless of whether you were handed a criminal citation or were arrested, it is important to fully understand the repercussions of being charged with a misdemeanor crime.

Driving to Endanger Penalties in Massachusetts

Every Driving to Endanger case is different.  It is important to properly address charges of driving to endanger for many reasons as this charge may result in:

  1. A Conviction or Criminal Charge on your Criminal Record (CORI);
  2. A Suspended Driver’s License;
  3. Fees; and/ or
  4. Incarceration.

Our firm will carefully review every aspect of your case and will develop a well-crafted legal defense strategy.  Also, your Boston Driving to Endanger Lawyer will be by your side throughout the entire case.

As a client of Caselden Law, your Boston Defense Attorney will zealously defend your charges in court and will also protect your Driver’s License from any potential suspensions and will work to avoid having the charges appear on your criminal record.

We are well versed in the Massachusetts Driving Laws pertaining to the charges of operating to endanger.  Also, your Boston Driving to Endanger Defense Attorney will work tirelessly to reduce or eliminate any potential impact the charges may have on your MA Driver’s License and ability to drive.  Furthermore, your legal counsel will approach your case with the goal of protecting your criminal record and avoiding any License Suspensions.

What Should I Do If I Received a Summons / Ticket for Driving to Endanger?

If you have been charged with Driving to Endanger, it is important seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Also, it is important to act quickly as many of the legal options available have strict deadlines for action. Under Massachusetts Law, action must be taken within 4 days.  Despite this deadline, our firm can often obtain a hearing date after the time has passed, depending on the circumstances.

On the back of the Massachusetts Uniform Citation, there are instructions explaining the actions required by the recipient driver.  Your attorney will advise you as to the best way to proceed based on the specific circumstances of your case.  Driving to Endanger is treated as a misdemeanor criminal offense in Massachusetts.

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