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Under 720 CMR 9.06 (26), the police may issue a ticket to a driver for making an illegal U turn in violation of a sign or posting.  If you are found responsible for making an illegal U turn in Massachusetts, the violation will result in points on your license and an increase in insurance premiums as this offense is considered a moving violation and a “surchargeable event.”  Given the large impact that this type of citation may have on one’s insurance and driver’s license, it is important to speak with an experienced Massachusetts Traffic Ticket Appeal Attorney about your case as soon as possible.

We will be by your side throughout the entire process including the clerk magistrate’s hearing and judge appeal, if necessary.


At Caselden Law, we handle all illegal U turn and other traffic violations on a flat-fee basis. Our firm represents drivers in District Courthouses throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

If you received a ticket in MA for an illegal U turn, it is important to carefully review the instructions listed on the back of the citation.  In order to request an appeal via a CMVI clerk magistrate’s hearing, you must sign the appropriate line on the back of the ticket and mail the ticket, along with the required fee, to the address listed on the citation.  Once the ticket has been processed, the District Court will send you notice of the date and time to appear for the clerk magistrate hearing.

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the clerk magistrate, you may appeal the ruling to the Judge.  Should you choose to appeal the decision of the magistrate, the court will set up the matter for a Judge Appeal on a later date and will require you to pay a fee in order to appeal.  On the date of the Judge Appeal, the actual officer or State Trooper who issued the citation must be present in court.  You or your attorney will be afforded an opportunity to cross examine the officer and to make your argument to the Judge. The officer or trooper does not need to be physically present at the first hearing, only at the Judge Appeal level.  Once the Judge has hear the evidence, he or she will either issue a ruling on the spot or will take the matter under advisement and mail the decision.

Massachusetts U Turn Traffic Ticket Appeal Law Firm

At Caselden Law, we provide top quality legal representation to clients across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  If you have received a citation for making an illegal U turn or any other civil motor vehicle infraction, contact our firm to speak with an experienced MA Traffic Ticket Lawyer about your case.

We are well versed in the Massachusetts laws pertaining to civil motor vehicle infractions and will fully explain every legal avenue available so that you may fully understand your options.  We will carefully construct a well-crafted defense strategy in order to put you in the best position for success.

Our firm handles all traffic ticket cases on a flat-fee basis.  Contact us for a free of charge case quote.


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