Driving with a Suspended License in Massachusetts

Driving with a Suspended license is a criminal offense in Massachusetts.  Often referred to as Operating After Suspension, a violation of M.G.L. c. 90 § 23 may have far reaching consequences.  The charge of driving after suspension will appear on your criminal record and driving record.  Also, a conviction for this offense may result in further license suspensions, fines, and, in the most extreme cases, incarceration.

An experienced defense attorney will be able to minimize the impact of this charge on the accused. At Caselden Law, we understand the laws surrounding the charge of driving with a suspended license.  Importantly, our firm provides a strong strategic defense of the criminal charges and also works tirelessly to protect our client’s employment and right to operate a motor vehicle.

Your Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer will work tirelessly in order to achieve the best outcome for your criminal case.  Furthermore, your attorney will pursue a license reinstatement through the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Why Is My Driver’s License Suspended in Massachusetts?

An individual’s driver’s license may be suspended for a number of reason, including:

In fact, it is quite possible to be pulled over and charged with this crime without knowing that your license had been suspended. For example, an unpaid speeding ticket and RMV notices sent to a prior address may result in a suspended driver’s license.  In addition, once the Massachusetts Registry suspends a license, the suspension will remain in effect until the operator takes action to reinstate the license.


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Our firm will provide you with outstanding legal representation throughout the entire process. We understand that being charged with a criminal offense is a very stressful and difficult time. In addition to having a suspended license and appearing in court, clients also usually must deal with having their car being towed after they have been stopped by the police – not to mention the difficulties of day to day life without an automobile and the reality of having a criminal record.

As a client of our firm, you may take comfort in the fact that we will be by your side throughout the entire process – providing you with top quality legal advice every step of the way.


We will fully explain your legal rights and will carefully review your case.  Through unmatched work ethic and legal counsel, your Boston defense attorney will develop the most effective trial strategy possible. Our firm will speak with the prosecuting district attorney and will gather every piece of evidence.  When appropriate, your defense lawyer will negotiate a successful case outcome on your behalf by speaking with the prosecuting lawyers. In addition to exploring all plea options, our firm will provide you will exceptional oral advocacy should your case go to trial.

Flat-Fee Criminal Defense Representation

If you or a loved one is facing charges of Operating After Suspension/Revocation of a License in Massachusetts, Contact Our Firm to schedule a free-of-charge initial consultation with an experienced Greater Boston criminal defense attorney. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding legal representation to clients in courthouses throughout the Commonwealth. We will work tirelessly in order to develop a well crafted legal defense strategy that is specifically tailored to the facts and circumstances of your case.

Our Firm handles all aspects of your case – courtroom defense, reinstatement of your driver’s license and striving to keep your criminal record clean.

We will aggressively protect your rights and will zealously advocate on your behalf when presenting your case to the clerk magistrate or judge. Whether you have been arrested and have an upcoming arraignment, or you received a summons with a copy of the criminal complaint in the mail, our firm is ready to represent you on a moments notice.

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