Under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 209A Section 7, an individual may request a judge to issue an “abuse prevention order.” If the judge issues an abuse prevention order, commonly referred to as a restraining order, the named individual may be charged with a criminal offense if he or she violates the terms of the restraining order. If you or a loved one has been charged with violating a restraining order in Massachusetts, contact our Criminal Defense Law Firm to speak with an experienced Greater Boston retraining order violation attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.

While the issuance of a restraining order is a civil matter, a violation of a 209A restraining order is a criminal offense. A restraining order may be violated in a number of different ways. Some of the more common abuse prevention order violations include making phone calls, texting, contacting friends / relatives of the person, contacting children, communicating through Facebook and sending emails.

Penalties for Violating a Restraining Order in Massachusetts

If you are convicted of violating a Restraining Order in Massachusetts, you face a potential jail sentence up to 2 ½ years and/or a fine of not more than $5,0000. Furthermore, you may be ordered to attend a batterer’s program and substance abuse programs such as AA and NA.

In addition to facing potential jail time and fees, individuals may have to leave their home if the restraining order is taken out by a spouse or other household member. Also, the issuance of a restraining order could prevent an individual from seeing their children and, in certain instances, may result in a loss of child custody. Given the potentially severe consequences of being found guilty of violating a restraining order, it is essential to speak with a Boston criminal defense lawyer about your rights as soon as possible.

Greater Boston Restraining Order Violation Defense Attorney

At Caselden Law, we understand that being charged with violating a restraining order is a very stressful and difficult time in anyone’s life. Often times, clients find themselves unable to see their children and return to their home as a result of these charges – on top of potential jail time and other legal consequences. Our Boston restraining order violation defense law firm will work tirelessly to develop a well-crafted legal defense strategy in order to achieve the best result possible in your case. We will be by your side during every stage of the criminal process and will fully explore every legal avenue available.

A skilled Boston Restraining Order Violation Attorney is available to speak with you about your legal matter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We appreciate the fact that these charges often require quick legal action. With this issue in mind, a defense counsel at Caselden Law is available to represent you on short notice and will immediately get to work on your case. In addition to creating a carefully crafted defense strategy, we will gather all evidence that the prosecution intends to use and will negotiate a potential resolution prior to trial if possible. We pride ourselves on providing aggressive legal representation to clients throughout the Commonwealth.

If you or someone you love is facing charges for violating a restraining order in Massachusetts, contact Caselden Law to speak with an experienced Cambridge Restraining Order Violation Lawyer today.

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