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If you have been involved in a rear-end car accident in Massachusetts, contact Caselden Law to speak with an experienced Boston car accident attorney about your case. Under Massachusetts Law, there is a presumption of fault placed on the driver that impacted the rear end of another driver’s vehicle. While liability may be clear in most rear end auto collisions, occasionally the driver who was rear ended may be at fault for the injuries caused to another driver.

At Caselden Law, our Boston personal injury law firm will evaluate the specific circumstances of your car accident case free of charge. We accept rear-end car accident cases on a contingency fee basis – we do not charge a fee unless our firm is successful.

As a client of Caselden Law, your car accident attorney will carefully examine the specific circumstances of your rear-end collision in order to develop the most effective legal strategy possible.

Often times, individuals do not end up suing the driver of the other vehicle immediately following a rear-end car accident. Rather, it often isn’t until the medical bills begin to arrive that individuals realize the need to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the other driver. After being rear ended by another driver, individuals are often faced with financial hardships as a result of medical bills from doctors, chiropractors, hospitals, ambulance providers and/or physical therapists. In addition, individuals are often impacted by lost wages from time missed at work and permanent disabilities – in addition to pain and suffering.

Boston Rear End Car Accident Lawyer | Caselden Law

At Caselden Law, our Boston car accident personal injury law firm represents clients who have been involved in rear end car accidents throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We will aggressively defend your rights and will negotiate with the insurance company to reach a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, our firm will not hesitate to file a lawsuit in court, suing the other driver and his or her insurance company.

Having an experienced and dedicated personal injury on your side is often invaluable after being injured in a rear end accident. If you were hit by another car or truck and were injured as a result, contact our firm to speak with a skilled Boston, MA rear-end car accident lawyer about your case. Your Boston car accident lawyer will carefully examine any and all available evidence and will work tirelessly to get you and your family the compensation that you deserve.

Our firm handles all rear-end car accident lawsuits and insurance claims on a contingency fee basis. Our firm does not charge any fee for its legal services unless we are successful.

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