Under Massachusetts Law, it is a crime to operate a motor vehicle without being properly insured.  If the police stop a vehicle in Massachusetts and it does not have insurance, the officer will give the driver a traffic ticket for operating an uninsured motor vehicle.  The uninsured car will also likely be towed.

Often times, a lapse of car insurance occurs without the driver ever knowing.  The vehicle may be uninsured as the result of a direct deposit payment issue, moving to a new address, or many other reasons.  Frequently, the Massachusetts RMV will also revoke the registration of a vehicle if they learn that there has been a lapse of insurance.

Often times, drivers are unaware that this violation is a criminal offense as the original notice of the crime comes in the form of a traffic ticket or “Massachusetts Uniform Citation.”

Massachusetts Uninsured Motor Vehicle Defense Attorney

If you receive a ticket for not having insurance in Massachusetts, there are important actions that must be taken immediately with the court in order to achieve the best outcome possible.  In order to protect your rights and avoid any serious license suspensions, it is best to speak with an attorney about your case as soon as possible.

At our Massachusetts Law Firm, we specialize in the defense of motor vehicle crimes in courthouses throughout the Commonwealth. We will take swift and decisive action in order to appeal the ticket and achieve the best possible outcome.

Contact our office to speak with an experienced attorney about your ticket for operating without insurance.  We offer free initial consultations on all motor vehicle crimes.



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