One of the more common larceny charges brought by the police against a suspect is Larceny Under $250. While this criminal theft offense is considered a misdemeanor in Massachusetts, the penalties may be severe. If you are accused of stealing and are convicted of Larceny Under $250, you face a potential jail sentence of not more than one year and/or a fine of not more than $300. Given the potential consequences of being convicted of misdemeanor larceny, it is often in your best interests to contact an experienced Boston Larceny Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.  At the Boston Criminal Defense Law Firm of Caselden Law, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome to your larceny under $250 charge.

The crime of Larceny Under $250 is governed by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 266 Section 30. Generally speaking, in order for the prosecution to obtain a guilty verdict against a defendant, the prosecution must prove that the person took and carried away the personal property of another with the intent to unlawfully and permanently deprive the other individual of use. The MA statute outlines the elements of the offense. If you are found guilty of Larceny Under $250, the punishment may include fine and/or jail time. In addition to the sentence issued by the court, clients often find that being charged with a criminal offense has a far reaching impact on their employment, school and day-to-day lives. In fact, it is quite possible for these issues to come up even if you haven’t been found guilty of a crime since being arrested and or arraigned on a charge may cause issues to arise.

Boston Larceny Defense Law Firm

At the Cambridge, MA Larceny Defense Law Firm of Caselden Law, we will carefully analyze every aspect of your case in order to develop the best legal defense strategy available. We will collect and investigate all of evidence that the prosecution plans to offer at trial and will file Motions to Suppress on your behalf if the evidence was gathered improperly.

Our firm will stand by your side and with fully explain your legal rights throughout the entire criminal process. Whether you have an upcoming Clerk Magistrate Hearing on the application of a criminal complaint for larceny under $250, or have an arraignment or other court event, our firm is available to be with you in court on very short notice.

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