Criminal Defense

Our Greater Boston Criminal Defense Law Firm represents clients facing criminal charges in courthouses in Boston and throughout Massachusetts – from misdemeanor offenses to felony charges.  Contact our firm to speak with a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney about your case.  Our firm is conveniently located in Cambridge, Ma and offers free initial consultations on all legal matters.

Divorce / Family Law

Our Cambridge Divorce and Family Law Firm provides a wide range of Family Law Legal Services to clients in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.  We offer legal counsel to individuals in all family law areas, including, but not limited to: divorce, child custody matters, modifications, child support cases, prenuptial agreements, visitation schedules, contempt hearings and more.

OUI /DUI / Drunk Driving

If you or a loved one has been arrested for OUI or Drunk Driving in Massachusetts, contact our firm to speak with an experienced Greater Boston OUI Defense Attorney about your DUI defense.

Criminal Record Sealing / Expungment

Having a Massachusetts Criminal Record often has far reaching consequences on one’s employment and other endeavors. If you are interested in sealing or expunging your criminal record (CORI), contact our firm to speak with a dedicated Boston Criminal Record Sealing Attorney.

MA Driver's License Issues

Our Firm represents clients who have had their Massachusetts Driver’s License Suspended or are in danger of loosing their license.  In addition, we provide legal defense to individuals wishing to appeal an at-fault surcharge assessment following an accident.

Traffic Tickets & Speeding Violations

Caselden Law handles all civil motor vehicle traffic offenses in Massachusetts.  From speeding tickets to CDL citations,  we have achieved outstanding results for our clients.

Personal Injury Law Practice

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or other negligent act or omission, contact our office to speak with a dedicated Cambridge Personal Injury Attorney about your case.

Other Practice Areas

Caselden Law offers top quality legal representation to clients dealing with a wide range of legal services.

Cambridge, Massachusetts Law Firm

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Caselden Law proudly provides top quality Criminal Defense, Family Law & General Practice legal representation to clients in the Boston area and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Specializing in Family Law, Criminal Defense & General Practice Areas, our Law Firm’s promise to each and every one of our clients is to:

  • Take the time to understand each individual case
  • Provide dedicated, professional resources and representation
  • Consistently and clearly communicate case progress
  • Apply a sensitive, respectful, and understanding approach to each case
  • Fight to get the best possible outcome, always

As a client of Caselden Law, you will have an experienced Boston Trial Attorney by your side throughout the entire legal process.  We treat our clients with the professionalism, care, and respect they deserve – providing clear communication and transparency from the start.

Greater Boston Criminal Defense Attorney

As a client of Caselden Law, you may take comfort in the fact that you have a dedicated and hard-working Boston Criminal Defense Attorney fighting for your rights every step of the way. Through our superior legal defense services, we will fully explore every legal defense avenue available and will work diligently to develop a well-crafted legal defense strategy that is specifically tailored to the allegations made by the police or the person filing a MA Application for a Criminal Complaint. Our firm handles all criminal charges in Massachusetts – from simple misdemeanor traffic offenses to serious felony charges. If you have been arrested or are facing criminal charges in Boston or any other courthouse in MA, contact our office to speak with an experienced Boston Criminal Defense Attorney regrading your case. All initial consultations are free of charge.

Greater Boston Divorce & Family Law Firm

Our Greater Boston Divorce & Family Law Firm handles ALL family law matters in courthouses throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As your Family Attorney, we work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. Through our hard work and consistent communication, we strive to reduce the stresses that are often associated with the Family Court system. Whether you are in need of a Family Lawyer for a divorce, contempt hearing, child custody matter, visitation issue, separation agreement, temporary order, child support payment modification, paternity matter, prenuptial agreement, restraining order or any other MA Family Law matter, contact our office to speak with an experienced Cambridge Divorce & Family Attorney – all initial consultations are free-of-charge.

General Practice Areas

We offer legal services to clients facing a wide range of legal matters including, but not limited to, Wills Trusts & Estates, Personal Injury Law, Contract Law, Business Law, Small Claims Actions, 93A Claims and other practice areas.  If you would like to discuss your case, contact our office to set up a free-of-charge initial consultation with a Cambridge, MA Attorney.


Regardless of what type of case you may have, our firm offers FREE initial consultations on all legal matters.  Contact Us anytime to speak with a dedicated Massachusetts Attorney about your case.


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