Impact of Sealing your Massachusetts Criminal Record (CORI) on School and Employment Applications:

Under Massachusetts Law, an individual may petition to have his or her MA criminal record, or CORI, “sealed.” If you have ever been arraigned or charged with a crime in Massachusetts, that charge will appear on your criminal record background check if it is not sealed by the Court and/or the Commissioner of Probation.  Having a charge appear on a background check conducted by a prospective employer may potentially cause a large disadvantage. Even if your case was dismissed, the charge will still be listed on your CORI unless you or a Record Sealing Lawyer properly seal the case. Given the competitive nature of the job market and the increasingly common need to pass a background check when applying for jobs, it is often crucial to seal your Massachusetts criminal record as soon as possible.

At our Greater Boston Law Firm, we represent clients both in state and out-of-state who are attempting to seal their Massachusetts Criminal Record.  Our firm is well-versed in the Massachusetts laws pertaining to CORI reform and the impact that they have on the private employment screening process.  We will clearly answer all of your questions pertaining to school or employment applications. Our firm handles all charges, including:

  • Misdemeanor Charges
  • Felony Charges

Luckily, the Massachusetts legislature is well aware of the enormous impact that having a criminal charge on your record – even if dismissed.  In light of this problem, the legislature passed laws which allow individuals to petition to have their criminal record sealed so long as certain criteria is met. Depending on the disposition, charge, and date of offense, your record may be sealed by the Commissioner of Probation or by the Massachusetts Court that heard the case. An experienced Massachusetts Criminal Record Sealing Attorney will be able to review your charges and will initiate the most efficient process in order to get your record sealed as quickly as possible.

Once your CORI has been Sealed by an Attorney:

Once your criminal record has been sealed, the burden of having been charged or convicted of a crime in Massachusetts is greatly reduced.

Under Massachusetts Law, once a criminal record has been sealed, you may answer “I have no record” when asked about your criminal background during a school or job application process.

Following your Massachusetts criminal record sealing, few individuals will have access to the sealed charges on your CORI. Most employers, landlords, school / college administrators, will not be able to see the arrests or charges when they obtain your MA CORI during the background check.  It is important to note that each individual case is unique, and this article speaks merely in generalities. For a more detailed analysis of your case, contact our firm for a free initial consultation.

While the “ban the box” law that was passed by the legislature forbids employers from requesting personal criminal background information on an initial application unless very specific conditions apply, having a criminal charge come up on an employment background check often has a large impact on an employer’s decision.

Flat-Fee Massachusetts Criminal Record Sealing Law Firm

At Caselden Law, we specialize in efficiently sealing criminal records for those who have been charged with crimes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our Greater Boston Law Firm will analyze your charges and the specific circumstances surrounding your past charges in order to put you in the best position for success. In addition, we understand that our clients often need their records sealed as quickly as possible. With this need in mind, your lawyer will begin to work on your petition or motion to seal your criminal record right away – and will fully explain the process in a straightforward and clear manner.

As a client of Caselden Law, your Boston CORI Sealing Lawyer will provide you with clear communication throughout the entire record sealing process. In addition to putting together your petition or motion to seal your criminal record, your attorney will fully explain your rights and obligations pertaining to any applications for employment, housing, schools, colleges, universities or any other endeavor that may require a background check or questions about your criminal history.

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