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If you have ever been formally charged with a crime in Massachusetts, that charge will appear on your criminal record (CORI) regardless of whether you were found guilty, not-guilty, received a CWOF or even if the case was dismissed entirely. Luckily, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has enacted CORI laws which allow those individuals who have been charged or convicted of a criminal offense to petition to have their Criminal Record sealed. Given the far reaching consequences of having a criminal arrest or charge on your record, it is best to speak with an experienced Boston, Massachusetts Criminal Record Sealing Attorney as soon as possible regarding your situation.

Having a criminal record often impacts one’s life long after the case has been resolved – even if the charges were dismissed. Whether you are applying or interviewing for a job, college, housing, financial aid or embarking on any other endeavor, it is common for the company or school to conduct a criminal background check. As part of a background check, an employer may request access to your criminal offender record (CORI).  Our Boston Record Sealing / Expungement Law Firm is well versed in Massachusetts Law pertaining to criminal records and background checks and will fully explain your legal rights and options during every step of the process.

At Caselden Law, we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ petitions to seal  their MA Criminal Records are carefully presented to the judge in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Employment, College & Housing Applications After Sealing your Record

In Massachusetts, if your petition or motion to seal record is allowed, you may legally reply “no record” if questioned about prior arrests or criminal court appearances by a potential employer. In addition, if your petition to seal is allowed by the court, the sealed charge will no longer be listed on a standard criminal record (CORI) background check.

Depending on the nature of the charge, the disposition of the case, and the amount of time that has passed since the case has been resolved, there are two separate paths that a criminal record sealing petition may take. First, the Massachusetts Commissioner of Probation may be petitioned directly to seal the record under specific circumstances. Second, the Petition to Seal may be filed directly with the MA District Court, Superior Court, or Municipal Court where the case was heard and set up for a hearing in front of a judge. An experienced Boston Criminal Record Sealing Lawyer will be able to evaluate the details of your situation in order to petition the appropriate legal authority.

Boston, Massachusetts Motion to Seal Criminal Record | Expungement Law Firm

At Caselden Law, our Boston expungement / criminal record sealing law firm understands the importance of having your Massachusetts criminal record sealed. All too often, individuals are unfairly held back by past criminal charges and run into issues with financial aid, employment, college applications, housing, apartment rentals and many other undertakings. As a client of Caselden Law, your MA criminal defense lawyer will closely evaluate your situation and will carefully craft a legal strategy that is specifically tailored to the circumstances of your petition to seal.

Our firm takes a client focused approach to our legal practice. We pride ourselves on maintaining clear and consistent communication with our clients.  Your CORI sealing attorney will examine your board of probation record and will advise you as to the most effective and efficient legal approach to having your Motion to Seal Adult Criminal Record allowed by the judge or Massachusetts Board of Probation.

If you are considering filing a Petition to Seal your Massachusetts Criminal Record, Contact Our Office to speak with an experienced and dedicated Boston criminal defense attorney about your criminal record.

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