Following Too Closely Ticket in Massachusetts

The violation of “Following Too Closely” is considered a minor moving violation in Massachusetts and will result in a surcharge.  Known as a “Surchargeable Event,” a ticket for Following Too Closely will result in points on one’s driving record and insurance.

Often times, this violation is issued following a car accident.  Being issued a citation following an accident may result in a double surcharge. Therefore, it is important to appeal a ticket for Following Too Closely in violation of 720 C.M.R. 9.06(7) or 730 C.M.R. 7.08(15).

2 Surcharges From 1 Accident

In Massachusetts, a driver is assessed a surcharge if he or she is deemed to be more than 50% at fault in a car accident resulting in property damage. Likewise, a surcharge is also assessed for any moving violations – including Following Too Closely.

For example, if a driver is deemed at fault for a rear-end car accident and is also issued a ticket for Following Too Closely, the driver will incur 2 separate surcharges.  Thus, having a ticket issued following an accident may have far reaching consequences. Further, depending on the operator’s driving record, it is possible for this situation to result in a license suspension. It is important to note that simply paying the ticket will be treated as an admission of guilt.

Appealing a Ticket For Following Too Closely in Massachusetts

The second paragraph on the back of the citation includes instructions for requesting an appeal for a civil infraction. Once you have sent in your appeal request, you will receive notice of a court hearing from the applicable District Court. The first hearing, known as a clerk magistrate hearing, may result in a disposition of the case.  On the other hand, if the operator or the officer wishes to appeal the decision of the magistrate, the case will be set up for a Judge Appeal at a later date.  At the Judge Appeal, the court will summons in the driver and the officer to testify in front of the judge.  The Judge will then make a decision based on the oral testimony.

Massachusetts Flat-Fee Ticket Appeal Law Firm

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