Under Massachusetts Law, you have a right to appeal a speeding ticket to a District Court.  After you receive the ticket from the police officer, you must follow the instructions on the back of the citation in order to request a Clerk Magistrate Hearing. At the Clerk’s Hearing, a police officer from the department or barracks that issued the ticket will present the facts from the officer’s perspective.  Next, either you or your attorney will have the opportunity to ask the officer questions and present your version of the facts.

If the Clerk Magistrate finds you responsible for speeding, you have the option to appeal the Clerk’s Decision and have a Hearing in front of a District Court Judge.


Should you appeal the decision of the Clerk Magistrate, a hearing will be held in court in front of a judge. On that date, the actual police officer or State Trooper will be summoned to court to present their testimony to prove that you were speeding on the day in question. After the police present their case to the judge, you or your attorney will be given an opportunity to cross examine the officer and present a legal argument in your defense. The judge will then make a ruling on the record as to whether you have been found responsible or not responsible.


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