Massachusetts Criminal Court Summons

In Massachusetts, it is possible to receive a Criminal Summons in the mail to appear in Court.  The Summons will list the date and time of a hearing along with the location of the courthouse and will also list the criminal charges being brought by the Commonwealth.  The Summons will notify the recipient of the scheduling of either a:

  1. Clerk Magistrate Hearing; or
  2. Arraignment.

Whether the case is set up for a clerk magistrate hearing or an arraignment depends on the type of case and the legal actions taken by the accused prior to the Summons being issued.  Thus, if you have received a traffic ticket or citation that lists a criminal violation, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately in order to best protect your rights. It is especially important to speak with a lawyer if you have just received a summons in the mail from the court. The legal tactics used at these 2 hearings vary widely depending on whether the summons was for a clerk magistrate’s hearing or an arraignment.

Some of the more common crimes that result in a summons being mailed include:

Summons for Clerk Magistrate Hearings in Massachusetts

Frequently, the court will mail a summons to appear for a Clerk Magistrate Hearing.  This hearing, commonly referred to as a show cause hearing, is conducted prior to an arraignment taking place.  The clerk magistrate will hear the evidence from the police officer or Massachusetts State Trooper regarding the “Application for a Criminal Complaint.”  At this hearing, it is important to fully understand your rights and potential liability, as you will be asked to testify under oath and on the record.  A skilled Massachusetts Defense Attorney will guide you through this process in order to protect against any further charges begin brought.  If you do not appear for the Clerk Magistrate Hearing, the case will automatically be set up for an arraignment.

Summons for an Arraignment in Massachusetts

The second type of criminal summons issued is an Arraignment notice.  At an arraignment, the court will formally charge you with the crime and will enter a plea of guilty or not-guilty.  In addition, the issue of bail will be discussed and heard by the judge.

It is important to speak with an experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney prior to appearing in court for an arraignment.  As a client of Caselden Law, your Boston Defense Lawyer will fully explain your rights and will tactfully defend you at your arraignment.  Sound legal advice is the cornerstone of minimizing the impact that being charges with a criminal offense will have on your life.  Your attorney will work tirelessly to protect your ability to keep your driver’s license and to avoid a conviction on your criminal record.

Fixed Fee Criminal Defense Representation

At Caselden Law, we handle all summons cases on a fixed fee basis.  If your case involves a driving crime, your lawyer will outline not only the court process, but also the process required by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).  It is vital to have a lawyer who understands the RMV as well as the court system in order to completely address the situation.

As a client of Caselden Law, your Boston Summons Attorney will walk you through each step of the process in a clear and concise fashion.  We understand the enormous impact that having a criminal record may have on employment, school, and other areas of life.  With these concerns in mind, our lawyers will skillfully navigate your case in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you have received a summons in the mail, Contact Our Massachusetts Criminal Defense Firm for a free case quote.

All summons cases are handled on a flat-fee basis.