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Understanding Approach
At Caselden Law, we treat every client with the respect and courtesy that they deserve.  You are not simply another case file – you are our client, and we will work tirelessly in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.  We pride ourselves not only on our work ethic and attention to detail, but also on our compassion and client focused approach to our legal practice.

Professional Legal Services
Our firm provides top quality, professional legal advise to clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We understand the stresses often associated with the court system and strive to create as smooth of an experience as possible.  In addition to fully explaining your legal rights and options, your attorney will be by your side throughout the entire legal process – zealously advocating on your behalf.

Top Quality Legal Adivce
Caselden Law is a comprehensive legal firm that specializes in criminal defense, family law, and general practice matters. Offering a tailored approach to case management, Caselden Law has the experience and expertise to get the best possible outcome on every single case.  In addition, all initial consultations with our Cambridge, MA Law Firm are completely free of charge.

About Caselden Law

Criminal Defense

Our Cambridge, Massachusetts Criminal Defense Law Firm handles cases ranging from simple misdemeanor offenses to serious felony charges. We provide aggressive criminal defense representation that is backed by a deep understanding of Massachusetts Criminal Law.

Family Law

At Caselden Law, we provide top quality legal services to those in need of a Massachusetts Family Law Attorney. We will work tirelessly in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Whether you are in need of a Cambridge, MA Family Attorney for a divorce, child support matter, visitation/custody issue, contempt hearing or any other family law case, contact our firm to speak with a dedicated Massachusetts Family Lawyer. We do not charge a fee for initial consultations.

MA Criminal Record Sealing / Expungement

At Caselden law, we understand the difficulties that often arise as a result of having a Massachusetts Criminal Record. Our Boston Criminal Record Sealing Law Firm will handle the record sealing process from start to finish and will work diligently in order to achieve the best possible outcome so that your past mistakes no longer impact your future.

DUI / Drunk Driving

If you have been arrested for operating under the influence (OUI) in Massachusetts, contact our office to schedule your free of charge initial consultation with an experienced Boston OUI Defense Attorney. We will fully explain your rights and available legal options from the moment that we begin representing you. Furthermore, we will aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Drug Charges

Our firm provides top quality legal defense representation to clients facing drug charges throughout Massachusetts. We zealously represent our clients interests during every aspect of the criminal court process. We will carefully analyze the police procedures and the evidence being offered against you by the prosecution in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Traffic Tickets

Being found responsible for a traffic ticket in Massachusetts often has far-reaching and unforeseen results. As a client of Caselden Law, an experienced Boston Traffic Ticket Attorney will present your defense to the Clerk Magistrate and/or the Judge on your court hearing date.

MA License Suspensions & Revocations

Caselden Law represents clients facing issues with Driver’s License issues in Massachusetts. Whether your license has been suspended, revoked or you are unable to renew your license either in Massachusetts or out of state, and experienced Boston License Suspension Lawyer will work diligently in order to resolve your MA driver’s license issue.

General Practice / Other Practice Areas

Caselden Law provides clients with a full scope of legal services and handles a wide range of cases.

Attorney Ryan Caselden

Attorney Caselden has successfully represented hundreds of clients in courthouses throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Prior to establishing Caselden Law, Ryan served six years in the United States Air Force Reserve where he later earned the rank of Staff Sergeant. While in the military, Attorney Caselden served as an aircraft mechanic on fighters, cargo planes and helicopters.

Ryan earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Miami and his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  While studying as an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Ryan interned for United States Senator Ted Kennedy. Following his graduation from law school, Attorney Caselden worked as a Criminal Defense and Litigation Attorney at a Boston based law firm.

Attorney Caselden handles a wide range of cases including, but not limited to Family Law, Criminal Defense & General Practice matters.  As a Massachusetts Trial Attorney, Attorney Caselden has achieved outstanding results for his clients.

– Exceptional Legal Knowledge 

At Caselden Law, our goal is to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We get results through skilled legal tactics and will work tirelessly to develop and execute a legal strategy that is specifically tailored to your legal issue.

– Analytic Approach

In order to develop the most effective legal strategies, it is vital for an attorney to pay close attention to the minor details of your case. At Caselden Law, we closely analyze all of the details of your case and will explore every legal avenue available.

– Discrete and Confidential

We understand and appreciate the importance of confidentiality. At Caselden Law, discretion is paramount.

Providing Superior, Client-Focused, Professional Legal Services.

Caselden Law treats each client with the professionalism, care, and respect they deserve, Providing clear communication and transparency throughout the entire legal process.